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Konkurrencen 'Music Theatre NOW'

Skrevet af: ITI

11. juni 2012



En konkurrence og et møde dedikeret til international udveksling i ny opera og musikteater

The main purpose of this worldwide event is to promote exchange among artists and presenters making new music theatre and opera.


This is the second edition of the competition Music Theatre NOW. The competition was first held in 2008 and has received 200 applications from 30 countries.  


The competion is organised by The Music Theatre Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) - founded by Unesco -  in cooperation with the German ITI .


The jury is made up of prominent professionals from five continents: Brett Bailey, South Africa, Beth Morrison, USA, Martin Bauer, Argentina, Roland Quitt, Germany and Danny Yung, Hong Kong.  


The event is promoting exchange among artists and to raise up the knowledge about the new forms of music theatre, as well as the development of music from different countries.


The deadline for final submission is 25 July 2012. The jury will select a total of 18 works that are exemplary in terms of the development of contemporary music theatre respective of their  countries or regions of origin.


Meeting in 2013
The prizewinners will be invited to present their work in short lectures at the international meeting Music Theater NOW in Jönköping, Sweden as part of the Swedish Biennal for Performing Arts from May 22nd through May 26th 2013. Artists and presenters from all over the world will attend the meeting which is part of an international festival.


Music Theatre NOW award winners receive a unique opportunity for international exposure and invaluable personal exchange with other professionals. In addition a special workshop for all prizewinners will be held.

Prizewinners will qualify for additional prizes of invitations for live performances at partner venues throughout the world including the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre in Shanghai, China.


Who may enter?

The producer, director, composer, librettist/writer, presenter or publisher may submit entries, as long as they have received permission from all members of the creative team attached to the production. There are no restrictions regarding age, sex or country of origin. Participants, especially producers, are welcome to send more than one entry.


What works qualify?

First productions of new works, which were professionally realized anywhere in the world since 1 Januray 2008 may be submitted. Works, which were in development and performed in incomplete form may be submitted, as long as no version of the work was performed before 1 November 2004. No work may be submitted to more than one edition of the competition.?

Music Theatre NOW is open to all kinds of work in the genre: From productions, which in terms of musical forces and scenic structure could become part of the classical opera repertory, as well as those works which in terms of their formal nature or scenic requirements may be categorized as ‘projects’ and/or as ‘one time’ events.
The number of performers – even solo works will be considered – is open.
The qualifications of the performers are also open.
The cast can be made up of or may include: students, amateurs, actors, dancers, musicians or singers. 


Application guidelines



All of the information about the competition can be found at www.mtnow.iti-germany.de


If you have any questions, please contact the project director at mtnow@iti-germany.de